Corporate Social Responsibility


At Jarosniv, effective arrangements are made for the disposal of wastes and effluents arising out of the manufacturing process. Scrap is not dumped but is recycled and used again for the manufacturing of small articles.

Ethical Labor Policies

We always follow self discipline and BSCI conformities and do not encourage Child Labor in our premises. In the manufacturing process no harmful or potentially dangerous materials are used. Besides enforcing fair labor practices, we are also at the forefront of demanding high quality and safe products for consumption.

Women Welfare

We have established a high-level corporate leadership for gender equality. We treat all the women fairly at work and ensure the health, safety and well-being of all women. At present, we have 25% women workforce and we target at having increased women workforce by 50% in next five years. The idea being invested more in the development of the women workforce in order to create economic independence among them. We are setting up a training corner to train the displaced and unskilled women in co-ordination with an NGO.

We believe in gender equality and encourage all our workforce to follow the same and respect each other. We establish a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of violence at work, including verbal or physical abuse and prevent sexual harassment. We offer opportunities to promote the business case for women’s empowerment and the positive impact of inclusion for women.